Zombie Hunter Commentary

The Zombie Hunter web series is already four episodes in and I’ve just now gotten around to releasing my notes and rants about production? Nathan Greene would have something to say about that, that’s for damn sure. Good for me, Nathan Greene ain’t the most proficient computer user in the world, in his state, or even in his own town. Trying to imagine Nathan Greene using a computer, and well, is like imaging Jack Bauer greet a terrorist with hugs and kindness. It just doesn’t go very well, but it does make for some very easy laughs. Perhaps we will see Nathan Greene in a more unnatural environment (like an office) in the second season where his technological incompetence is revealed for our amusement; after all, he has mentioned from time to time that he works with a group of hunters, and it would be interesting and oddly entertaining to watch him and his associates interact in their “secret” hideout.

Look at that, I’m already taking about a second season. Am I jumping the gun, or do I hold in my possession a bunch of mighty fine episodes just waiting to be released? I can say with a shit eatin’ grin, I do. I most certainly do. And I know that some of these will have you hurtin’ with laughter. Juicy little nuggets like “The Pet” will leave you with a ruin pair of britches as you witness one of the most absurd character this show has to offer. Let me literate that again: One of the most absurd characters I’ve ever created.

So just how far along are we in production? Far enough to where if fifteen is our magic number, then you’re only a few episodes away. Now, i don’t want to spoil the fun or take the cat out from its bag, but I’ll share with you a few titles. Please, keep in mind that these titles could change and that this is no way in respect to order.

Zombie Chum: Nathan instructs how to hunt a zombie with some disgusting, sweaty, unwashed vagina smellin’ chum.

The 519: Being professional requires a system of codes. Nathan responds to a situation that requires a more delicate approach

Zombie Fanatic: Hardcore comic-con/ zombie enthusiast is in for a treat when Nathan Greene chases down a lead for one of them legendary Sleeper zombies.

The Pet: Nathan Greene responds to a very unique situation…

Zombies For Sale: Nathan Greene takes advantage for some easy kills.

Billy Boone: Stealin’ Nathan’s cameraman, Billy makes it known that Nathan Greene shouldn’t be respected.

Zombie Soldiers: Nathan Greene finds Billy pinned down after running into them Zombie soldiers.

Southern Hospitality: Billy, after receiving letter of recommendation from the huntin’ judges, invites Nathan for a drink at the Ole’ Water Hole.

Zombie Huntin’ Camp: Nathan Greene reaches out to the children, teaching them proper hunting techniques.

Zombie Huntin’ Camp prt2: Nathan Greene comes back from break to find that all the kids are gone!

Zombie BBQ: It isn’t cannibalism, if it’s good…

And for good measure, we might throw in some extra house call episodes depending on what time allows.

That will conclude this update, but check back later as I reveal details and comments about previous production dates.



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