Zombie Times — It’s on the horizon

Greetings everyone, it brings me joy to hear and read that, for the most part, Zombie Hunter has received a very warm acceptance. My phrasing, with the attention and respect to them nay-sayers, embodies observation that resides timidly in self-gloating but heavily in pride. Just like how an overdone turkey is nothing but a scorched heap of what could’ve been and ruined dreams, so does any project when the people behind the helm become obsessed with the negative. People have sent me very welcoming comments, some have even passed on the good word to their friends, and a few more plastered the Zombie Hunter poster on their blog, but I shouldn’t ignore the negative. I shouldn’t pretend that there isn’t an amateur stigma to the quality, but the crude and raw nature of the overall product is what gives it the Crocodile Hunter documentary feel. Since that was our intent from the very beginning, I think we’ve done our job and done it well.

But we will be upgrading the audio work in the future.

More importantly, the fourth episode of Zombie Hunter planted a seed in my mind. A seed that feed from the insanity and corrosive vile within to sprout into its own very unique and extremely funny web series called Zombie Times. I mentioned the idea before, but under a different title. I originally referred to the concept as “Life as a Zombie” but being that it combines stoner humor with zombie comedy I believe Zombie Times fits a bit better.

The concept? Well, wouldn’t that be a delight to answer. The web series would follow a zombie in a mockumentary format as he is assimilated back into society under a secret government program. Being that zombies are normally aggressive and have a constant hunger for flesh, this program also tested on them to discover the best way to subdue this nasty and dangerous behaviors. Besides, you can’t exploit a cheap work force if they run the risk of attacking in a hunger induced rage. Marijuana is the key and renders the Zombie into a passive, dead beat stoner with a hunger that can be solved with just about anything.

As a very unique zombie stoner comedy, this series will reach out to fans of both zombie comedies such as Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, and Aaah! Zombies, and stoner humor films such as Cheech and Chong, Pineapple express, and Friday.

I am currently working on the first few scripts with a desire to bring on another writer once the project builds steam. I should have some tentative poster artwork drafted soon enough.


2 responses to “Zombie Times — It’s on the horizon

  1. Yo, Jesse…

    I’m looking forward to the new season of Zombie Hunter, bud! 🙂

    Oh, did you know these zombies are into all kinds of stuff these days. I heard from a pal that they’re even involved in cyber-activism. Yeah… really. They have a group called Zombienonymous. They even have a cool motto:

    We are Zombienonymous.
    We are contagion.
    We do not live.
    We will not die.
    Embalm us.

    Heh! 😉

    Later, dude!


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