Upcoming episodes of Zombie Hunter

We’re about halfway through the first season and what have we learned about Zombie Hunting? Well, we certainly know not to rely on a documentary crew to offer any amount of assistance. They’ll even give your rival a spot if the money is right… but I don’t think the film crew ever received Billy Boone’s money. Knowing him, he probably wrote them a hot check. We also learned that Zombie Spray isn’t the type of product you can rely on, and that it seems to attract female zombies… funny that it also looks like a paper covered Axe can. We also learned that apparently zombies and THC can lead to some bizarre results.


But what else will we learn from this series? Word around the Ole’ Waterhole speaks of a sleazy salesman that is selling zombies. That’s right, Zombies, and he has ’em all Big Daddies, Little Lurkers, Moaners, Spitters, Runners, Screamers, and the Big Momma.

Word also tells of a deranged man selling zombie burgers to folks here at the ole’ water hole, but what about Nathan Greene and Billy Boone? It seems like their feud is just about boil over…



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