Silent with Secrets

So, I’ve been rather silent for a while. I haven’t updated much on this blog or on any of my other websites, but I’ve been anything but lazy and procrastinating. It started with a flicker, a possible idea with just as much strength as a flame flickering in the wind. As the idea began to grow and mature, the flicker of light became a steady strobe that beckoned my attention. I enjoy the current webseries Zombie Hunter, the roughness of it and the creative liberties I’ve taken with it, but I would like to introduce another webseries, a show that is written by gamers for gamers. A show that follows a group of slackers that are heavily addicted to video games and the interactions that they have with others in society. Imagine a mixture of Seinfeld, The Guild, and Workaholics and you’re getting closer to the overall idea.

What’s the name for this interesting project? Well, as a fan of irony I’ve grown towards the title Casual Gamers.

We are currently working on the first episode, with lots of preproduction things to consider, but we do have some Title cards to show off. Each episode would begin with a mock video game introduction that we would exploit to also serve as the opening credits.


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