Halloween Special and a Shout Out

The day of horror draws near and to pay tribute, we released several Halloween specials. A new episode of Zombie Hunter to satisfy your craving for a comedic zombie hunter experience. A series of new episodes of the Drunk Bastard featuring various spooky games.

Dedman Productions would like to offer a toast to other video producers. We call out to JonTron, James Rolfe (aka AVGN), Billy and Jay (The Game Chasers), and the hilarious guys that make a little show called Continue possible to give a congratulatory shout-out. We hope you all have a great Halloween and that you plow through as many slutty witches, steal as many candy bags, and raid as many parties as possible. This is the month of horror my friends, and perhaps this is just my fascination with everything dark and macabre coming through, but the month deserves to be celebrated!


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