Secret Zelda Sequel?

Did you ever play Zelda II for the NES and wonder what the hell happened? I know I did. Not that it’s a horrible game, but it took a while to get into it, and even longer to accept it as a sequel to legendary top-down action adventure game. I know we all wanted a sequel, but I am pretty sure we weren’t hoping it would be a side scroller with tedious village to village questing and deciphering poorly translated NPC speech.

Well, guess what? Turns out that fans with hacking skills were able to deliver the sequel we wanted. I present to you the Legend of Zelda: Outlands, and as a reproduction cart the game can be quite rare and difficult to find. You can order it from Timewalk games, but only during certain times as they get a ton of orders. However, if you don’t need the physical cart, you could always download the rom. So, while the game may not be as rare as others, it is most definitely an almost unheard NES gem that deserves recognition and attention.

For those familiar with the game, I understand that the story is supposed to take place after Zelda II, but without reading the manual you would never know that. The game plays with the same heart and soul of the first Legend of Zelda, but with more attention to detail and a ramped up difficulty. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a fine example of fan-service designed by fans and for the fans with a Nintendo level of quality.

Now, for some, this might serve only as a reminder of a fan-made game you played several years ago. For others, this would reveal a never known hidden Zelda gem, something that resembles what fans of the original Zelda wanted in a second Zelda. In other words, while this might be old news for advent retro collectors, there are plenty of die-hard Zelda fans that are not retro collectors and may not know about this.


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