Let’s Play Shout Outs:

While it is true that Let’s Plays heavily populate Youtube, in fact one could say that Let’s Plays saturate the video site to the point of burying the channels worthy of your time. Well, don’t let discouragement win you over, because there are channels that you should check out. For me Let’s Plays are great to listen to at work, while gaming at home, and even when I have some time to kill while on the shitter. These are my picks.

First off, let’s start out with Couple Gaming. One winning element of this show is that the dialogue and chemistry is not only unscripted, it is as pure as it could possibly get. If you enjoy playing games with your loved one or that best friend with benefits, then you will connect with these two wonderful hosts as they have tons of fun. You would watch Chelsi and Lucky for the fun of gaming, not for showing off show of skills. I’m not saying that they suck at gaming, rather they take a very fun approach towards the whole gaming experience.

In short, Couple Gaming is a very fun Let’s Play that doesn’t try to show off skill, but rather keeps the whole experience very real and fun.

Next, AGplays Let’s Play offers a very informative experience from a source that’s not just knowledgable, but goes into depth on certain elements such as game mechanics, game comparisons, nostalgic anecdotes. For example, in one episode AGplays discusses how the pink color scheme of Kirby could be off-putting to certain gamers. I would honestly say that any gamer that finds Kirby off-putting needs a swift kick in the balls. I would imagine AGplays would offer a more subtle opinion, which goes to show that while he interjects his own opinion, he does so while remaining friendly.

In short, AGplays Let’s Plays are fun and very informative about not just the game being played but also various elements related to the game.

NewFieGangaa Let’s Plays offers a relief from all of those Let’s Plays that try all so hard to be funny. Instead, NewFieGangaa spends most of the time offering information about the game being played. During a video, you can expect a breakdown of the game mechanics, while interjecting his personal comment-eliciting opinions about the game. Overall, the experience is favorable and entertaining, which is what you want from a Let’s Play.

Game Grumps, if you enjoyed gaming with friends back in the day, offers a great experience that simulates that gaming with old buds vib. Now, if you don’t like that, then I suppose you just had a terrible childhood and should seek therapy. Though Game Grumps may not need additional plugging as the show has taken off quite well due to the awesome combination of JonTron and EgoRaptor, but the show is genuinely awesome and deserves a recommendation.


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