Damsel in Distress

Anita Sarkeesian finally released her first episode of Tropes VS Women and revealed exactly just how even-handed she would be in analyzing the usage of tropes in video games. It’s no secret that for the majority of the market’s existence that males have been the primary demographic, thus giving the appearance of the costly hobby as something of a Boy’s Club.

Now, I don’t really have beef with Anita. She can do whatever she wants with this project, but I do have some questions about her claims and the usage of NES games as evidence. When story telling is reduced to crudely animated pixel art, interpretation is all one really has to make sense of the given story. Because of this, NES games are awesome for comedic over-analyzing, but some people can take that a bit too far. lastly, I question what exactly Anita wants as a solution to the over-saturation of this trope.


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