Zombies have rights, too

Zombies have rights, don’t they? After all, they’re humans reanimated with a second-life because of God, mad science, or strange medicine. A zombie doesn’t choose to come back, they’re forced to come back.

This undead rotter would have you believe that zombies are entitled to rights and that shows like The Walking Dead perpetuate negative zombie stereotypes that harm the already bad image of zombies. Answer this. Would you kill your brother if he had rabies? Would you kill your brother if he had ebola? Then why would you kill your brother if he was a zombie?

Because shows like The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, movies like Night of the Living Dead, and such Zombies are seen as the enemy. No, people are the enemy, and The Walking Dead is the biggest anti-zombie show at the moment and the one that ought to feel sorry and take responsibility for hurting the image of the undead.

Support zombie rights. SUPPORT UNDEAD GREG

Amazon Plans to Release Video Game Console late 2013

Amazon plans to release a video game console in November 2013, just in time for holiday sales. I could only wonder how impressive those sales could be since the console would play Android games. That’s right, Amazon plans to release an Ouya clone, because that little gem is doing all so well.

Of course, perhaps I’m too close minded on this. Perhaps there is a market and I’m just not seeing it.

What do you think?