Video Game Pick-ups: Famicom

Because I’m a sucker for following the herd, I’ve decided to join the masses of video game nerds and upload a video where I show off something I recently acquired from a retro video game store.

Do people actually watch this stuff? Do people really enjoy watching some jack-off brag about a recent purchased item? I know I do from time-to-time, but only if the item is something I’ve never seen before.

So, here we go. I present to you a Famicom unlike any other. Featuring Pokemon for the NES, what?


Lasers and Boobs

Imagine if 1ups did a little more than merely give you another chance to not suck. Imagine if the extra ships you acquired could actually be used to increase your firepower by amassing into an armada.

Sounds like it might be a headache, but Shoot 1up handles the concept very well. The visuals are very nice, the controls are responsive, the fast techno music compliments, and some of the bosses are memorable. The main negative is that the pace of the game may be too fast. Some levels last as long as a WarioWare mini-game and consisted of waves of forgettable enemies. But perhaps the latter could be said of most SHMUPs.

In sumation, Shoot 1up is a fun and worthwhile indie game available on Xbox Live Arcade.

Disney shuts down Lucas Arts Studios

It seems so soon, but Disney shuts down Lucas Arts Studios, and plans to license the rights to make Star Wars games to third party developers. This could have some benefits, even though this is studio that brought us Star Wars: Tie Fighter, Jedi Knight, KOTOR, and KOTOR II, this is also the same studio that brought us Star Wars Kinect.

What do you think?

Damsel in Distress

Anita Sarkeesian finally released her first episode of Tropes VS Women and revealed exactly just how even-handed she would be in analyzing the usage of tropes in video games. It’s no secret that for the majority of the market’s existence that males have been the primary demographic, thus giving the appearance of the costly hobby as something of a Boy’s Club.

Now, I don’t really have beef with Anita. She can do whatever she wants with this project, but I do have some questions about her claims and the usage of NES games as evidence. When story telling is reduced to crudely animated pixel art, interpretation is all one really has to make sense of the given story. Because of this, NES games are awesome for comedic over-analyzing, but some people can take that a bit too far. lastly, I question what exactly Anita wants as a solution to the over-saturation of this trope.

Hate Week- Levels I Hate

Maybe this says too much about me, but I couldn’t possibly let a whole month go by without delving deep into the seething hatred that boils within. As much as I would love to dedicate a whole month to love, romance, and … who am I kidding? I’ve spent this Month of Love business playing porno games and fapping to video game hotties.

With that said, let’s dive deep into the hatred. FIrst we have the five levels that I HATE. I don’t mean five levels that I can’t stand or that I dislike, I mean five levels that when I get to them it’s an instant buzz kill for me and the system I’m playing on. Meaning that I will literally turn the damn thing off at times.

What are your least like and most hated levels of all gaming? I mean from your personal experience.