Paranormal Time: Ghost Kids

Jack Faggins, a lead paranormal hunter with an aggressive approach, investigates a haunted machine shop.


Zombie Hunter: Zombie Orgy

Professional zombie hunter, Nathan Greene, stumbles upon a rare find. While out on a hunt, he detects the unusual sounds of what could only be a Zombie Orgy and decides to take advantage of the opportunity. Meanwhile, Tiff gets stuck with fan mail duty, and Buck shows why a documentary crew shouldn’t follow him.

Zombie Huntin’ Tips

Folks, this world is gettin’ bat-shit crazier by the minute. We got bath-salt cannibals, deranged ‘prophets’ that try to raise the dead, and fohawk body builders hellbent on pissing off spirits. Now, I’m not saying that all of that concludes to a zombie outbreak on the rise, but it does serve as a cautionary tale. It would be wise on your part to enjoy this little PSA brought to you by the UZHA.