Paranormal Time: Haunted Butthole

From the same mind that brought you Zombie Hunter, Dedman Productions presents Paranormal Time, a parody on paranormal shows and other spooky encounters.

Episodes will be released as soon as they are ready. Enjoy the first one entitled Haunted Butthole.


Zombie Hunter S2 Premier!

I hope you folks are ready because on September 1st legendary zombie hunter Nathan Greene returns to the scene to send those undead bastards back to their graves! Even better, Nathan isn’t huntin’ alone. That’s right, you’ll finally get to meet the other hunters such as Tanya, Tiff, and Buck, along with their unforgiving hard ass of a boss, Jimmie.

If you enjoy watching them undead bastards suffer and you’re not something of a pansy, fairy-loving, gutless bitch then check back on September 1st to catch Zombie Hunter. Until then, enjoy these posters from last years season.