Zombie Hunter: The Gay Zombie

Ever heard of the gay zombie? It’s real, and Nathan Greene is determined to hunt one down!


Zombie Hunter: Discount House Call

This month we’ll be breaking down the Zombie Hunter episodes skit by skit.

Buck helps out a civilian with a zombie problem, but in a way that makes the help unwanted.

Zombie Hunter Season Three

Zombie Hunter Season Three Kickstarter is now LIVE! The next season has a big, hilarious story to tell, and requires a stronger and bigger production. Zombie Hunter Season One was a project of love. Season Two was a project of experimentation, and Season Three is the unadulterated vision fully manifested.


Best part is, YOU can be involved in the creation process of Zombie Hunter Season Three. Various Kickstarter rewards allow you to sit in with the writers and actually help them with input!

Zombie Hunter has started out as a side-project, a hobby, but with the limitations I’ve yet to accurately capture the insanity and hilarious scope of Zombie Hunter. With your help, I’m positive that this dream can become a reality, and that you will enjoy the show. Much more, I’m sure you will find it to be a show that rewards your assistance.

Bloody Tampon – Zombie Bait

Ever tried using a bloody tampon as zombie bait? Watch as Nathan Greene lures a zombie out in his own yard for an early morning hunt.

Halloween Special and a Shout Out

The day of horror draws near and to pay tribute, we released several Halloween specials. A new episode of Zombie Hunter to satisfy your craving for a comedic zombie hunter experience. A series of new episodes of the Drunk Bastard featuring various spooky games.

Dedman Productions would like to offer a toast to other video producers. We call out to JonTron, James Rolfe (aka AVGN), Billy and Jay (The Game Chasers), and the hilarious guys that make a little show called Continue possible to give a congratulatory shout-out. We hope you all have a great Halloween and that you plow through as many slutty witches, steal as many candy bags, and raid as many parties as possible. This is the month of horror my friends, and perhaps this is just my fascination with everything dark and macabre coming through, but the month deserves to be celebrated!

Zombie Hunter: Zombie Orgy

Professional zombie hunter, Nathan Greene, stumbles upon a rare find. While out on a hunt, he detects the unusual sounds of what could only be a Zombie Orgy and decides to take advantage of the opportunity. Meanwhile, Tiff gets stuck with fan mail duty, and Buck shows why a documentary crew shouldn’t follow him.