The characters for the show are sorted according to their affiliation. Though at the moment the show follows only Nathan Greene, later seasons will introduce other members of the Marauder hunting team while running head-to-head with Billy Boone’s gratuitous ego.

The Marauder Hunting Team:

Nathan Greene giving one of his many profane words of wisdom

Nathan Greene: The self-proclaimed zombie hunting expert of the Marauder faction, a group of ex-military and survivalist that try to protect society from the emerging re-animated dead. Though Nathan means well, his documented instructions, civilian disputes, and zombie hunts are rarely executed at the professional level he claims to have. Though he tries to be fair and understanding, his threshold for bullshit is minimal at best, and that leads to some very fatal encounters for smart ass civilians.

(Season 2) Ethan: Every group, no matter how good, has an under performer. Ethan, due to his obsessive concern for safety and stylized kills over kill count, hardly brings in enough to earn him a spot on the team. Survivalist that want a dose of realism may like his style, as he frequently tests the recommended guidelines for survival.

(Season 2) Buck: Nathan may seem like a bully at times, when pushed too hard, but Buck will make you forget all about Nathan’s anger problems with a genuine roid rage, blood thirsty approach towards zombie hunting. Survivalists that just want to rack up the kills would love his style, as he will slay zombies using their own bones as a weapon.

Opposing Team:

Billy Boone backstabbing like usual

Billy Boone: A pretentious hunter that would spend all day smelling his own ass if he could. He compensates for his cowardly ways by trying to best other hunters, but so far, Nathan Greene is his favorite victim. He apparently has an inbred step cousin that can only say his name.

(Season 2) Tanya Garza: Not a likely ally, Tanya teams up with Billy Boone anyway for reasons she would rather not reveal. Armed with a sharp tongue and several years of special ops training, she is a force to reckon with.

Other Characters:


Hank walking outside in just a robe.


Hank Rutherford: An eccentric individual with sensibilities that are… a bit off. He spends most of his time trying to find ways to make sense of the zombie crisis the best way he knows how.



Rick Firmin: A jobless salesman struggling to make enough money to support his coke addiction, but now with the zombie crisis, new opportunities have opened up.

Josh: Rick’s slower cousin.


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